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24-Hour Photo Guarantee

Tennessee Real Estate Media LLC’s twenty-four (24) hour guarantee applies only to photos, and not to any other form of media that Tennessee Real Estate Media LLC provides. Additionally, the guarantee only applies to the initial delivery of the photos. If the client requests any form of modification or edits to the photos, the twenty-four (24) hour guarantee no longer applies and is null and void. Twenty-four (24) hours is defined as starting from the time Tennessee Real Estate Media LLC is able to return to the office and begin editing the photos, or 23:59 EST of the date on which the photos were taken, whichever comes first. If Tennessee Real Estate Media LLC is unable to provide the photos within the previously defined twenty-four (24) hour time frame, the client will receive the photos for free, or be given a refund for the amount paid for the photos. This refund does not apply to any other form of media paid for, including, but not limited to video, floor plans, and 3D tours.

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